Why shouldn't I use it

Creating applications can be hard. Whenever you define the requirements for your product you need to define them from a user's perspective. You make use of it when you create personas and write user stories to have handy definitions.

Right now I am developing an application that allows users to create competitions easily, to start them and to track their progress. Besides common requirement-definition we use a Scrum like process and I always think about what features does a user really need. When your application is running and you already have users it's easier to figure out. You can ask them, create A/B tests and use other analysis tools to figure out what's important. But one important question came to my mind that should be highlighted when your target is figuring out if your product is worth the effort in the phase of creating the first version:

Why shouldn't I use this product ?

When there is no disadvantage on your list then your are probably in a good position that your product will be successful.

Let's take Google for example:

Why shouldn't I use google?

Here are my pros and cons:


  • easy, fast & reliable
  • way to access a huge database of information
  • optimise own pages that other users can find the page
  • does not slow me down


  • don't feed google

I think it's easy to say that google is popular and will still be popular and relevant in the future. If google won't be popular yet they would become insanely fast favoured. Compare this to a very simple online shop that is cheaper than a real shop.

Why shouldn't I use the online shop "..."?


  • cheaper
  • easy to order
  • lots of products to choose from


  • products can be damaged
  • delivery can fail
  • no anonymous ordering
  • you can not fast try on the product

Some of the cons are a good example what Amazon and Zalando tries to improve.

Great offers from Amazon and Zalando that makes them unique

  • free shipping
  • free home collection
  • extreme fast delivery
  • great support, they just give you the money back if something went wrong

So extending your feature set can smaller your list of disadvantages and make people deciding to use your product instead of trying it out and avoid using it because of some disadvantages. Make your customers happy and your product will be a success.

Good luck finding the great idea!


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