How's life?

I want to introduce myself. My name is Sebastian and I'm a full-time software engineer. After my master's thesis in computer science, I was done with doing any kind of publishing and science related work. Besides my study I worked as a freelancer, developing and improving webshops and other kinds of web-related software on the top of a LAMP stack. After my studies, I joined a bigger company for an interesting position that promised a lot of new topics.

Since then, I started to explore Jboss EAP, REST, Clustering, Oracle and Spring. Experts taught me how to develop multi-tier software. The early months were very exciting and it felt like I was gaining a big boost in knowing how software works in big companies.

Besides this, I placated my inner motivation to improve the way how to develop software. Agile players like Robert J. Martins, Kent Beck and Martin Fowler crossed my path. Since that time I have read a lot of their publications, watched various presentations and have tried to think like they do. Examples of popular books are Clean Code, Refactoring or Extreme programming. These examples are just a little snapshot what software craftsmanship is about. To sum up, I can say that professionals like these really changed my way of thinking about software development.

Finally, it's the 19th august 2015. 26 years are gone and in the last six months I have struggled with Angular 2, Aurelia, NodeJS, ES 6/7, JSPM and Selenium. It's not that improbable that I'll pick related work items to talk about it in an upcoming post.

My expectations

I hope I can pass on some of my thoughts and practices to provoke interesting discussions. This is a public lifetime storage of my knowledge and a little step towards spreading knowledge about software development.

My target

I don't want to promise to much. Sometimes I will be busy for months, sometimes I will be lost without any electronic device for weeks and then there will be days like this one, on which I will write my insights down.

For me blogging is new territory. To be hip I ought to use Twitch or YouTube. Thank god that's not my target.


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